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Using an aerator rental on your yard is very important and most lawns should be aerated at least once a year.  That number increases to 2 times in mountainous areas or with lawns that get a lot of traffic.  When you aerate you have the choice to hire a professional or get a core aerator rental.  The advantage of a lawn aerator rental is that you have control over when the work is done, exactly how it is done, and you can ensure the quality of your own work.  (This is not to say that hiring a professional is a bad idea, it just may be one advantage of doing it yourself.)   Aerator rentals may also allow you to save money.  Depending on the size of your yard, it can cost up to $150 to get your yard aerated by a professional lawn care company.  But even if you have a very small yard, you can still save when you rent an aerator and if you can split the cost with a neighbor or two.  Not everyone wants to bother with the hassle of getting everyone together, but if you have a very friendly neighborhood, this can be a real advantage for you.

rent an aeratorThe disadvantage of renting an aerator and core aerating yourself is that you have to go to the rental shop and pick up the aerator as well as drop it off.   This can be a big disadvantage if you don’t get the core aerator back to the rental shop on time.  Obviously, you have to do the work yourself if you rent a core aerator.  And also, you need proper transportation to transport the core aerator.  The machines are not light, so you will have to have a way of loading and unloading it as well. So depending on your situation, you should get an aerator rental if you prefer to be in control of the how the aeration is done and if you have the time and means to transport the aerator.  And a bonus would be if you could save some money by getting an aerator rental.


What Does Lawn Aeration Do For My Lawn?

Lawn aeration decreases compaction, improves drainage, controls thatch development, and allows nutrients, air & water to more easily reach the grass roots.  In short, lawn aeration helps create a healthier lawn.  A healthy lawn
more easily fights off disease & recovers from harsh weather so you can enjoy a beautiful lawn.   Most aerator rentals are specifically for core aeration.  Core aeration pulls plugs or cores of dirt & grass out of the lawn.  By doing this, the soil has more room so grass roots can develop further. lawn aerator rental There are also different kinds of manual aerators; aeration shoes or aerating sandals and hand-held aerators are some examples.  These are great for small yards.  These aerators work by poking small holes in your lawn.  And last of all is a liquid aerator.  Liquid aeration works by using soil softeners & conditioners to loosen the soil compaction, giving you similar results as core or manual aerators. Typically if you have a medium to large yard, you want to go for the aerator rental for ease & the best cost.   Learn more about lawn aeration and nine different types of lawn aerators you can use on your lawn.

The best time to aerate lawns is either in the spring or in the fall. Some experts say aerating in the spring is a bad idea, because it encourages weeds to germinate and take over your yard. But I believe this is not true. If you aerate early in the spring, your grass roots will have enough time to grow deeper and get fully established, so by the time weeds do start sprouting, your grass will be so thick and so healthy, that weeds just wont have enough room to come out and take over the lawn. Fall aeration is also recommended to prepare your grass for the winter. Some lawns don’t even go dormant during the winter because they’ve been well aerated in the fall. Aeration is also best when it is time to fertilize your lawn. So if you are planning on fertilizing or overseeding, aerate your lawn to make the entire process more effective. You’ll be seeing some amazing results in no time. To have a green and healthy lawn all year round, an aerator rental is your best tool.

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