Excavator Rental Safety

An excavator rental can save you a lot of time and money.  However, with careless handling, it can bring damages not only to properties but also to operators and others in the vicinity where the excavators are operating.   Excavator rental safety should be the top priority other than finishing the job required.  When operating an excavator, be sure to remember these safety reminders:

Always buckle up.  Make sure the seat belt fits snugly around your waist.

Make sure the excavation site is clear of people, pets and children.  Warning signs should be posted.

Avoid tip-overs.  Always know the lift capacity of your machine before lifting.

Also, tip-overs can result if operating in unstable grounds.  Be sure the ground where your excavator is standing will not give way.

Another problem in excavations is a cave-in.  To avoid this, do not undercut the tracks while excavating.

It is best and also safe to know the machine well, especially the symbols, before operating.

Avoid sharp turns while digging, especially if you are excavating on slopes and/or muddy grounds.  Tip-overs will most likely to happen.

When the equipment is jammed, never attempt to free it while the machine is running.  Do not forget turn off the machine before proceeding to unjamming task.

Allow the engine to cool down first before checking the engine, mot especially the radiator.  Hot steam can really shot forward if you try to open the radiator while it is still hot.  This could damage your hands, face or much worse, your eyes.

Before operating, check fuel, fluids, and cables for any leaks or any signs of damages.

Do not operate near utility lines.  Contact concerned companies to avoid damages and injuries.

Most of all, do not allow other persons inside the cab or on the excavator.  Spectators should be on a safe distance.

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