Finding A Wood Chipper Rental

As a professional landscaper for the last 8 years, I know the benefits of getting good wood chipper rental. A wood chipper is really great because it helps you to break down branches and leave to make it easier to haul away of turn it into yard compost. Whether you are doing spring or fall clean up, a rental wood chipper can save you a lot of time and also make clean up and hauling a lot easier.

How Much Does a Wood Chipper Rental Cost?

Most rental wood chippers can be rented for between $70 and $150 dollars for one day. The price may vary based on where you rent from and the size of machine you are using. Typically, the smaller rental companies will charge less than the major companies, but these companies will also carry their equipment for a little bit longer. Still, as long as the equipment is in decent condition, I typically choose to go with the smaller company.

How to use a Wood Chipper

To begin with, set it up where you are going to use is and make sure it is running. Insert the branch end in first. The chipper should go at it’s own pace and so you never need push it in. The chips will fly out the other end, either to be used as compost or to be hauled away to the dump. Avoid wearing baggy clothing around one because this is hazardous.

Should I get insurance?

Generally, I never pay extra for insurance. It is not worth it. However, I make an exception with brush cutters and wood chippers. The reason is because when I use them, I know they are going to take a beating. It is better to spend the extra ten dollars then to argue with the guy at the rental shop over who is at fault if the machine breaks.

What Else Should I Know About Renting a Wood Chipper?

To start with, always wear the right safety equipment. This includes long sleeves and long pants and also glove and safety glasses. This will keep your arms and legs from getting scratched up and may protect you from occasionally flying chips. Make sure you ask the person renting it for operating instructions when you rent it. Also ask where it take straight gas or gas and oil if you are not sure (nearly all wood chippers should be gas). Also ask what diameter the chipper can handle. You will want to choose the size of the chipper. You will want to use based on the diameter of the wood you are processing and not amount you are doing. You should also ask when the drop of time is.

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