How to Aerate a Lawn

how to aerate a lawnIt is not too difficult to learn how to aerate a lawn. The engine should be switched on and the choke on before you start it.  After it starts, put the choke to the run position. Move the aerator to the lawn and lower the tines into the ground.  Most often, the level that lowers the tines is below the handle, and the level that engages the forward movement of the aerator is above the handle.  Pull down on the above handle to go forward.  The aerator has no brakes.  To stop, simply let go on the level that moves you forward.  It may take a few feet for the machine to stop.

One of the most difficult parts of using an aerator is turning the aerator.  To do this effectively, take the tines out of the ground and use the forward level to turn the aerator around.  Special care should be taken if the lawn is wet or mushy, so you do not damage the lawn when you are turning the aerator around.

For the best information on how Lawn Aerators and how to aerate lawn please visit The average time to aerate a 2,000 square ft. lawn is 25 to 30 minutes. A 4,000 square feet lawn takes 35 to forty minutes. To find local lawn aerator rental companies in your area, please visit our Aerator Rental home page.

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