How Does a Power Rake Rental Or Dethatching Machine Work?

A power rake is also called a dethatcher or a thatching machine. It is basically designed to help remove as much of the thatch from your lawn as possible. It kind of resembles a small lawnmower, it is a little bit wider but not quite as long. When the machine is running it is probably louder than most lawnmowers. Whereas lawnmowers have a large blade that spins horizontally to cut the lawn, a power rake has about 120 vertically spinning blades. Where as a lawnmower cuts grass that is growing and alive, a power rake mainly removes grass that is dead or unhealthy.

The benefits of dethatching are that it helps to thin out your lawn so that all that is left is the most healthy grass. It also helps to get rid of moss and dead grasses. After that, you can make your lawn look beautiful by seeding it again. The best time to get a power rake rental or dethatcher is in the spring or in the early fall. The reason why these times work is because if you wanted to overseed and fertilize your lawn after you finish, you would have no trouble with the grass growing in. A lot of people will typically aerate at the same time that they thatch. Aerating, like thatching, will help to improve the germination rate of the seeds.

After you go over your lawn with a thatcher, then you should break it up with a large leaf rake. You can rent a power rakethat comes with a bagger, but it will take you just about the same amount of time to Thatcher lawn when you have to keep stopping and emptying out the back as it would if you were planning on attaching the whole long twice and then raking it all up. Also when they add a bag onto a thatching machine, they actually replace one of the sets of blades so it is not quite as good at removing thatch from your lawn.

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