Is It a Better Idea to Buy a Hand Aerator, or Rent a Machine?

aerator rentalI have bought 8 different aerators in the last nine years. I know they can be really expensive. If you want to get a very high quality aerator, you’re going to end up spending about $2,500 for one. Even if you want to get a mechanical aerator that is very expensive, it is still going to cost you close to $1,800. For most people, this is definitely not in the budget. The good news is that it costs a lot less than that to rent a machine and do the job yourself.

Home Depot used to charge $45 to rent a lawn aerator, but now they charge $60. There are a lot of smaller rental companies out there that will still rent you an aerator for $35-$45. This is a much better deal than trying to buy a new lawn aerator. If you don’t want to spend the money to rent an aerator every year, then you can also buy a hand aerator. If you plan on using a hand aerator, make sure that you start early. It is a lot of work to go over your whole lawn. It will take you five or six times longer to do it by hand than it would to rent a machine. You are probably going to spend $25-$35 for a good-quality hand aerator. Sometimes these tools can also get clogged easily, and be a pain to work with. In my opinion, if you have a yard that has more than 1,000 ft.² of grass, you’re better off getting an aerator rental.

How Does a Liquid Aerator Compare to A Hand Aerator and a Rental?

A liquid aerator is a nice idea. But most of the time, in order for a liquid aerator to work well, you have to aerate your lawn prior to putting it down. If you aerate your lawn, you’ll get better penetration with a liquid aerator, and it will easily get down to the roots where it is needed the most. A liquid aerator also costs about $40-$50 per application. It is a lot easier to use a liquid than to aerate your lawn by hand. If you aerate your lawn every year and is already pretty soft, it might work just fine to put down a liquid aerator. However, if you haven’t aerated your lawn in a while, you should look at possibly aerating your lawn and putting down a liquid aerator. This will help to stimulate the root growth and keep your soil soft.

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