Different Kinds of Dehumidifier Rentals

A Dehumidifiers’ main purpose is to remove humidity in the air to reduce warmth and stuffiness, thus making the air you breathe cool and fresh. These machines are readily available in any appliance and department stores.
There are different kinds of dehumidifiers sold or for rent in the market depending upon your needs. Normally, dehumidifiers are classified into the following:

1. Mechanical Dehumidifier Rentals – These are the most common type of mechanical dehumidifiers out in the market. This type usually draws moist air into its system using a small fan. The air goes through a series of coils to remove its moisture and passes through a cooling agent or refrigerant. The moisture in the air condenses as the temperature drops and then collected into a small bucket for disposal or may be let to drip outside the room. The air may be reheated before it is blown back into the room or may be let as is for cooler environment.

Mechanical dehumidifiers can be:

● Portable – These are popular for household use. They are easily taken everywhere and are also ideal for office use. Since these are portable, you can easily transfer them from room to room as needed.

● Whole-house – As the name suggests, these kind of dehumidifiers are permanent fixtures of your house or in a building. These dehumidifies larger area and are costly to install. Whole-house dehumidifiers are ideal in industries and factories.

2. Chemical/Desiccants Dehumidifiers – These dehumidifiers also do a great job in removing moisture from the air. They do not need to cool the air first before dehumidifying they give a lot of advantages than mechanical dehumidifiers in areas with very low to sub-zero temperatures. The most common agents used as desiccants are silica gel, activated charcoal, calcium chloride, calcium sulfate, etc. Desiccants are mostly seen in shoe boxes, medicine bottles, musical instrument casings, electronics packaging and where moisture is not welcome.
The kind of dehumidifier rental you rent or buy depends solely on what you need. But the most important thing you have to realize is that you can never be wrong in investing in one.

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