Four Different Kinds of Excavators

Excavators are heavy-duty equipment used in different kinds of works.  They are specially designed to make difficult excavation projects easy.  Compared to manual labor, and offers more efficiency and safety.  Be it landscaping, river dredging, heavy lifting, digging foundations and trenches, installations of pipes, road making, and even in mining industries, excavators offer you high productivity in less than half the time a manual labor can offer.

There are different kinds of excavator rental:

BACKHOES – The most common of all excavators is the backhoe.  This equipment’s features consist of a boom with an attached bucket at the end.  The bucket faces towards the cab which makes the operator to scoop dirt towards the equipment. Backhoes could either have wheels or tracks.  Backhoes differ also in sizes, from heavy-duty construction sizes to small compact sizes that could easily fit into your backyard.

STEAM SHOVEL BACKHOES – These are older types of excavators.  They run on steam and although they share many features with a backhoe, they are different in that steam shovels have their buckets facing away the cab rather than towards it.  The operator pushes dirt away from the equipment instead of pulling it towards him.  These types of excavators are useful in working near walls or around objects that a standard backhoe can do damages if used.

DRAGLINE EXCAVATORS –  These excavators are very similar to backhoes but these have additional cables and lines to support the bucket as it pulls on dirt.  Dragline excavators are so-designed to allow them to dig deeper and have a longer reach compared to what a standard backhoe can do.  They are very essential in mining industries and in areas where their long lines and cables can make them work over flooded areas or grounds too unstable for a backhoe can operate.

SUCTION EXCAVATOR – These types of excavating equipment resemble a modern dump track.  A hose with a large diameter is attached to a suction pump that operates more like a vacuum cleaner.  The suction pump sucks dirt and rocks out of the ground and transfers them to the truck.  These types of machines are very useful in pipe-installations and in excavation jobs that would require extreme care not to touch or do much damage on the surrounding area being dug.  

Whatever excavation jobs you have, operating the right type of excavator rentals can really make a big difference in the quality of your finished work and they can make you finish your projects a lot faster, too.

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