Best Type of Lawn Aerator to Rent

If you are in the market to rent a lawn aerator, perhaps you are wondering what is the best type of lawn aerator to rent. There are several different types of lawn aerators out there. The best type to rent is a gas powered mechanical coring aerator. This aerator will allow you to core aerate your lawn. Core aeration will last a lot longer than aerating with a Spike aerator. Core aeration will also allow the water to soak in a lot deeper.

There are several different types of mechanical coring aerators on the market. The best type of mechanical rental aerator that you can get is probably a Ryan Lawn Aerator. This machine is green and has a rolling water barrel on the front. It is very easy to use, and it is very easy to turn around. Some other popular rental models include the Billy Goat, and the Bluebird. The Bluebird is also easy to use, but it falls apart quickly, and doesn’t penetrate deep into lawns that are already hard. The Billy Goat is a good machine, but it is very large and difficult to operate. If you are aerating your lawn and early spring, any of these machines will do just fine. If you are doing it a little bit later in the spring for in the summer, I would definitely recommend that you go with a Ryan.

Another thing that influences how deep the machine will go into the ground is the size of the engine. Some aerators are designed so that the engine will actually help drive the times deeper into the ground. The normal engine on an aerator is a 4 or 5 hp engine. Some of them even have 7 to 9 hp engines. This will also help you to drive your times deeper into the heart soil. Also don’t forget to water your lawn for one hour the night before, this will help to soften the soil and will give you better results.

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