Finding the Right Liquid Aerator?

rent an aeratorLiquid aerators help break down clays and hard soils, making them more accessible for grass root development.  Whether a result of a long hard winter or a hot dry summer, your lawn and grass roots could be under a lot of stress.

So How Do They Work?

Liquid lawn aerators contain conditioners that soften the soil. These soil softeners actively work in your soil for 4-6 months, promoting permanent root growth and development.These liquids not only aerify the soil, break up clays and hard soils, but they also contain liquid aeratorshummic acid which helps to condition the soil and has the ability to break down harmful pesticides and herbicides, and helping your lawn to look its best.

Most liquid aerators are environmentally friendly and safe around pets.  It is always a good idea to read the label before use, just to make sure.

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