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Getting a power washer rental or pressure washer rental makes a lot of sense for most people.  Unless you’re a contractor, or you just like owning lots of tools, renting your own pressure washer makes is a lot less expensive then owning one. Even in places like the northwest in Seattle and Portland where moss grows in abundance and pressure washing on a regular basis is essential, it is not really worth it to buy your own pressure washer. Most people when they buy a power washer choose one that costs around $400. Although these pressure washers seem like a good investment, they are really not worth the money. The price of a pressure washer rental depends on three things: brand and horse power of the engine, the number of gallons of water per minute that can run through the water pump, and PSI – pounds per square inch. To determine the cleaning power of a power washer, multiply the PSI by the gallons per minute. In general the higher the cleaning power, the quicker and more effective the pressure washer will do the job. However, there are a few exceptions to this general rule.

Most jobs won’t require a PSI stronger than 2500. In fact using a higher PSI could damage the surface you are trying to clean. So if you are using a lower PSI, you want to get a pressure washer that has a high of gallons per minute capacity as you can find. This will speed up the job. For instance, using a typical home owner pressure washer with a capacity of 2 GPM (gallons per minute). Given the same PSI, it will take at least four times longer using this pressure washer than a professional grade power washer that has a capacity of 4 GPM. This means that a job that would take 4 hours with a regular power washer will only take 1 with a professional grade one!

Because of the huge savings in time alone it is well worth it to consider a power washer rental over buying one. However, when you rent a pressure washer, there are even more advantages. There are several different grades and types of professional grades of pressure washer rentals that would cost thousands of dollars to buy, but are only $40-$50 to rent for 24 hours. For instance, there are hot water power washer rentals. They claim to be even more effective and clean faster than cold water pressure washers. There are also air washers that work just like a pressure washer, but don’t use water at all. If you have several different jobs, some different machines may be more effective and save you a lot of time.

Even in places where a pressure washing rental needs to be done on a regular basis, you need to weigh the value of buying a $400 machine and spending four times the time on each job! Wouldn’t it make sense to plan on one day a year to do all the pressure washing, and get a power washer rental with a really high PSI, HP, and GPM and get it all one for a small $40 and a day? You also have the advantage of trying out other types of pressure washer rentals and using them in the future if they are more effective for your job at a fraction of a cost of owning the machine itself!

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