6 Reasons to Rent an Aerator

rent an aeratorLawn aeration is vital in keeping your lawn healthy. It is introducing air into the root system, making oxygen readily available to the grasses. It also increases the microorganisms’ activity, resulting to speedy decomposition of dead matters that will contribute to thatching. Fertilizers and water will easily soak into the soil, giving them direct contact to the roots. These are just few of the benefits of soil aeration.

Although there are lots of manual types of lawn aerators, many prefer to use the mechanical aerators. They aerate lawn more efficiently than the manual ones. But power lawn aerators are very expensive to own, so the best option is to rent one. Here are some reasons why you need to
rent an aerator rather than buying them:

Reasons to Rent an Aerator

aerator rental1. If your lawn is not so big, buying an aerator is not feasible. You can save a lot of money by just renting one. It will only cost you $15-$25 an hour. There is often a half-day, whole day and week-end rates while buying it brand new, and will cost you as much as $900-$3,000.

2. Since you do not aerate often as your mow your lawn, buying one is not worth it. It will just become a dead investment to you.

3. Renting an aerator means maintenance free. After you are done with the unit, you just return it to the rental shop. Cleaning it or maintaining the lawn aerator is already covered by the rental fee.

4. There is no trouble on your part in storing it. Much space in your garage or storeroom can be used for other equipment instead.

5. Your lawn will be more vibrant and healthy if you aerate it. Instead of slaving yourself in aerating your lawn manually, why not do it efficiently in half the time? You can conserve not only money by renting a power aerator but also your energy. Now you can do more work in one day with this scheme. It is more practical just to rent.

6. You do not have to say no to your neighbors who are known to borrow things and do not know how to return them. You just simply tell them that you do not have a unit and you are just renting the one you are using. With this reason, you will not only have a healthy lawn, you also preserve good relationship with your neighbors.

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