More on Rental Aerators and When to Rent an Aerator

There are several important questions you should answer before you rent an aerator. Below are some important answers to these questions you should know. For instance, you should know where to rent an aerator, how much to pay for an aerator, when to aerate your lawn, and what type of rental aerators are the best to use.

Where to Rent an Aerator?

While there are a lot of possible choices out there, I prefer to rent from a small rental shop rather than a large one. First, by renting here you are helping to support a small business. Also, smaller shops tend to be less strict about their return policies. They also probably won’t ask you if you want it insured, which to be honest, is a rip off on most decent aerators anyway. In addition, they might also be a little cheap than most better known rental companies. The one drawback is that sometime these older companies have older equipment. It may be a good idea to ask them how old their aerators are, and if they have a new one, try to reserve that one.

How Much Do Rental Aerators Cost?

I have rented several aerators, and price vary a little by location. The cheapest one I have rented has been for $35, the most expensive one has been close to $60. I would probably say that for a 2-hour rental, you are going to average $50 and for a 24-hour rental, you will pay an average of $100. I know they can be expensive to rent, but if you split the cost with a neighbor, it isn’t so bad. It is definitely better than trying to do the lawn with a hand aerator.

When is the Best Time to Aerate my Lawn?

The best time to aerate a lawn depends on where you live and the type of lawn you have. For this reason, aerating can be done year round. The spring is probably the most common time throughout the year. The fall is the next most common time. For mushy lawns that stay wet until May, the best time to aerate them could be in the middle of the summer. If you live in a warm part of the country, such as southern California, winter aerating is very popular. There is never really a bad time to aerate except when the temperature is below freezing.

What Type of Aerator to Rent?

renting an aeratorYou want to rent a mechanical coring lawn aerator. These are heavy machines, with rear tines that pull cores out of the ground as they go. My favorite brand is a Ryan lawn aerator. A Claussen is a pretty good copy of a Ryan. (A Ryan is easy to control and you can’t break this one.) Bluebird aerators are probably the most common. This is because they are cheap. These aren’t as good because they can roll over on steep hills and they aren’t very smooth at starting and stopping. Plus the newer version only has three rotating tines and it rips out the grass a little when it starts up. One benefit is that you can turn it easily even with the tines in the ground. You can also rent a Billy Goat lawn aerator (the most expensive to buy). Although it has a sleek design, it doesn’t mash any of its own plugs so it is a very neat machine. The major drawbacks are that it is very heavy, hard to maneuver in small areas, and hard to use on hills.

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