What to Know When Renting an Auger

When digging holes for any purpose, it is significantly easier to use an auger rental than doing it by hand with a shovel. There are both hand augers and power augers, both will make your effort much more effective, but for larger and deeper holes, and for several holes, a power auger will save much time. An auger looks like a large screw. It drills into the ground and pulls dirt up the threads at the same time. One great benefit of using an auger over doing it by hand, even if it is just a hand auger, is that there is great consistency in the holes you dig speeding up your project tremendously. Auger Rentals come in different sizes, so you need to have determined what size holes you are planning on digging to know what size auger you need to rent. You can typically find 4, 6, 8, and 12 inch diameter screws. A good rule of thumb in determining what size hole you need to dig, is that you want the hole to be at least double the diameter of the object you are putting into it. For instance if you are building a fence and putting in 4×4 posts, you will want an 8 inch screw. However, one other thing to keep in mind is that the larger hole you dig, the more wiggle room you will have to work with.

When you begin digging the holes with an auger rental, be sure to have a second person there to help steady the machine as it begins the hole. This will make your work much easier. The larger the screw you choose, the harder they are to handle. This is especially true for the 12 inch screw. A rental shop will require that you have two people for that large of an auger. Also, it is smart to make starter holes with a small spade or a shovel in each location that you will be digging. These starter holes will help the auger stay in place where you want to drill rather than wandering off as you start the machine.

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