Five Reasons to Rent a Scissor Lift

A scissor lift is a mechanical device used to provide temporary access to high places that are otherwise inaccessible. It is also called an elevating work platform because it elevates the platform where you will stand by the use of hydraulic fluid or compressed air.
It can only move vertically, however.

In order for this machine to be able to vertically raise the platform, it has to employ folding supports that are linked in a Cris-cross pattern. This is called the pantograph. Scissor lift rental is a very useful piece of equipment and one must consider in renting one. Here are some reasons why you must consider a scissor lift rental:

1.Better than a ladder – With a ladder, you have to use one hand in holding the rail while the other for holding equipment. Also, there is no platform where you can lay down your tools or other equipment you need for working. The scissor lift makes a big difference in your work. You do not need to hold the rail while you go up and your equipment can be laid on the platform. Also, a ladder is dependent upon a wall or something you can lean it against. So if you are working in the middle of the room, a ladder will surely not be of use but a scissor lift will.

2. Safer than a ladder – Be it a painting job or just changing bulbs or fluorescent tubes or some electrical and carpentry tasks, a scissor lift provides you a safer access to your workplace. While you need somebody to hold the ladder steady as you climb, the scissor lift does not need anybody to hold as it is firmly weighted down into the floor so it will not slide.

3. Sturdier than a ladder – though most industrial ladders are made from durable and strong materials, still it cannot compare to the sturdiness of the scissor lift. It is heavy duty and can carry heavy burdens on its platform. This way, you can bring with you as many materials and tools it can allow giving you more time to spend on your work rather on going up and down just to get what you needed.

4. It can reach higher than a ladder – Scissor lift rentals are specially designed to reach high places where ladders are no longer safe to use. Ladders are dependent upon walls or to something to lean against but scissor lifts are not. With this, you can easily change light bulbs or paint and clean you ceiling.

5. It can provide a resting place – When you get tired, you can just sit down on the platform and take a short breather without the inconvenience of going down. You cannot do this with a ladder. In fact, you cannot even do a better job while on a ladder than while you are in a scissor lift because both of your hands are free to work without the fear of falling. With this machine, you are more focused and rested.

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