Four Tips to Pay Less For Your Dump

Alternatives to renting a dump truck – Rather than getting a dump truck rental which can be very expensive, you could also hire someone who owns their own dump truck. Sometimes you can find these people advertising their services on Craigslist and actually hiring someone with their own dump truck can be much cheaper than renting the dump truck and then have to pay for one of your employees to drive it around for a day. There are also many other advantages to doing this, by having another person work for you, you can also get your job done much faster. Ask for a discount- if you are going to be using the dump truck for more than two or three days or even if you are going to need it for several weeks, make sure that you ask for a discount. Most of the time, the companies will be able to give you this discount in order to get your business. In addition, they may have other discounts or if you are renting him are tools, you make him the get discounts on them.

Compare rates-do not be afraid to call three or four different companies and compare rates. Not all companies will offer you the same rate. By taking the time to compare him of these different companies, you can find some that will be cheaper. Typically the older and non-franchised rental companies will be slightly less than the newer ones. Although these companies may also be renting older equipment, they are definitely worth checking out if you are interested in saving yourself $50-$100 per day.

Make sure you have the right truck for your needs-there are many different types of dump trucks out there. Smaller dump trucks only have a four or 5 yard hauling capacity. These are cheaper to rent. If you are hauling heavy items like cement, you may be better off going with a smaller truck rental. If you need to do major hauling, you may be better off going with a larger truck rentals such as a 10 or 15 yard capacity truck. Even though these trucks may cost you twice as much to rent, they could probably save you more than that in time as you use them.

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