Renting a Stump Grinder Safety Information

Renting a stump grinder rentalis a big deal. A stump grinder is a big machine and can be very dangerous. The smallest stump grinders weigh a half a ton! Some people like to operate heavy machinery, but if you are not one of those people, perhaps you should look into hiring someone to do the work for you. If you only have a few stumps that need grinding, it may be worth your while to have someone else do the work for you, unless you know how to operate a stump grinder, or enjoy the challenge of a big machine and all the fun and risks that come with it. The first thing you must do is dig out any rocks around the tree stumps. These rocks can cause major problems if the grinder blade runs into them. First, they could dull the blade, or even worse, it is possible that the stump grinder get the rock in the perfect place and lodges it across the yard or into a window. Second, position the stump grinder so the chips will fly away from people, homes, and other objects. The chips can fly up to 25 feet and can cause damage if you’re not careful. Be sure to use the proper safety equipment and do not operate the machine in poor weather. Visibility is essential for this job, and poor weather can mean an accident. When you are at the rental shop, they will instruct you on how to operate the machine. Be sure and follow their instructions and any other instructions written on the machine.

If you choose, you can use a chain saw to cut the stump all the way to the ground. Though this is not required, it will save a lot of time with the stump grinder if you do, and it makes the stump grinding a lot easier. Stump grinders have a rotating disc studded with steel teeth that chips away at the wood that is positioned with a hydraulic lever and can be maneuvered up and down as well as side to side to insure the proper positioning for grinding. They range in size from a large lawn mower, to the size of a truck. Most stump grinders at rental shops will be in the smaller range, but they are heavy, and you will need towing capacity to haul it, the rental company may or may not provide a trailer, you should call in advance to make sure you are ready.

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