Things You Need to Know in Renting a Wood Chipper

Wood chipper comes in very useful when you are cutting down some branches off your garden trees.  It reduces the bulk of your cut branches and shreds them into smaller sizes which you can sack afterwards for easy disposal.  Wood chippers are readily available in rental or gardening shops.  But before you rent one, know some basics about wood chippers:

Prices vary from state to state on wood chipper rentals, but on the average, rental fee ranges from $50 to $90 per day. On the general, small companies often charge cheaper than the larger companies.  On the other hand, most machines offered by the larger companies are in much better shape than what is offered in smaller companies.  But, as long as the machine is in tip-top condition, always prefer the smaller companies.

Do the cutting before the renting.  Do not rent and then cut.  This is a practical advice, and many people fail to realize this. Always do a double check on the equipment before taking it out.  Do not be shy to point out what you think are damages to the staff of the rental shop.  Chances are, there are damages that have slipped pass their inspections, and when the machine breaks down while in your tenure, you could pay for the damages. 

Ask the wood chipper rentalshop concerning insurance.  Some shops would require you to pay for insurance for the event the machine will breakdown while in your use.  It is better to pay extra dollars to cover damages than put yourself in a situation where you have to argue over who is going to pay for the damages.

Make it clear if delivery is already covered by the rental fee or not.  It is also wise to call in advance various rental shops and compare prices and services than go shop-hopping for canvassing.

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