All About Sod Cutters

Sod cutting is an essential part  of removing a lawn.  It is also important in making a pathways. Sod cutting is cutting a turf in the soil to separate the grass and portion of soil held by its root structure (which is the sod) from the ground.  This is a hard and tedious process which requires a special tool called a sod cutter.

How does a sod cutter operate?

Sod cutter makes sod cutting easier. It is specially designed to cut through your ground with a minimum effort to make your sod cutting job faster.  It also gives you cleaner result as they separate grass and roots off your ground better than shovel. It has a blade or blades, depending upon the type, which do the cutting. It is levered under the turf to lift it up and as the sod cutter goes forward the sod is separated from the ground.  It is then rolled after the process or can be rolled along the process of sod cutting.

Types of Sod Cutters

A sod cutter rental may be manual or mechanical.  Manual sod cutters are human-powered and human-guided.  Mostly, manual sod cutters are composed of two handles attached to the metal blade affixed to a roller.  To operate, you push the cutter to move it across the ground exerting much effort. The roller makes it possible for the cutter to glide on the ground to make work easier.

Mechanical sod cutters on the other hand are powered by gas.  They are more expensive and heavier than manual cutters.  They can also be adjusted so that you can choose the size and depth of the sod.  Their size and weight makes them less portable than manual cutters.  But they are more preferred by commercial landscapers than by just hobbyists because they make work faster. Although heavy to be operated, mechanical sod cutters can cut more sods more than manual. The engine’s power drives the blade into the ground and moves the cutter forward. All you need to do is to guide and control its direction.

Safety and Sod Cutters

Like all gardening equipment, extreme care should be observed while using the sod cutter.  Severe injury can result to its careless handling.  So it is always wise to read manual before operating one or better ask for expert advice from veterans.  It is also a must that one should wear shoes when operating a sod cutter.

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