Scissor Lift Rentals and Rental Prices

A scissor lift rental is a very good idea for cutting trees, painting houses, pressure washing building, and for home and building construction projects. Using a scissor lift can make the the job you are working on a lot easier and less dangerous. Most lifts are designed to carry one or two people plus their equipment. Most scissor lifts can extend 20 to 30 feet in the air.

Scissor Lift Rental Prices

Because there are a great variety of scissor lifts, prices for renting them will vary greatly. Generally, the larger the lift, the more expensive it is to rent. Prices also vary by the scissor lift rental company and how new the lift is. Some of the average industry prices for renting a scissor lift are given as follows: 19′ lift For one day costs $100 and for one week costs $260 26′ lift costs $120 per day or $350 for one week 34′ (boom lift) costs $200 per day or $550 per week.

Safety Equipment Typically, when you are using a lift you will also be using a hard hat and glove. Not so much for the lift, but because of the work you will typically be doing when you are on it. Before operating an aerial lift rental, it is important to become acquainted with how to operate a scissor lift rental. You don’t want to roll your lift. Always use your lift on level ground.

A Few Different Types of Ariel Lifts Rentals.

The scissor lift- this lift has a wide base and a scissor like action that lists the platform into place. These lifts are very stable. But they have a limited height they can reach up to. They only move in an upward direction, but they often can have a large platform.

The Telescoping boom lift rental. This lift has a telescoping arm. It is able to reach very high. Often the boom only has room for one person. This type of lift needs to be operated very carefully. The articulated boom lift. This is a type of lift that reach high and it can form into a lot of different positions. It is also articulated which means that the list has several bends in it. This is great for hard to reach places like a ceiling or underneath a bridge. A few of the bigger lifts are gasoline powered, but nearly all of the smaller lifts are electric and battery powered. Make sure your lift is well charged before using it.

Different Kinds of Scissor Lifts

Scissor lift rentals have a wide variety of uses in the industrial world as well as in other sectors.They are indispensable equipment in factories, machine shoppes, and even in grocery stores. They help make urbanization of our society possible. Scissor lifts are mechanical devices that have a platform and a linked, folding support in a criss-cross pattern which when the outside of the lowest set of the support is compressed, the criss-cross pattern is elongated, thus, raising the platform vertically.

A scissor lift rental may have wheels for mobility or they can be mounted as permanent fixtures.

Household lifts – This type is not so heavy-duty as the other types of lifts. They are designed and sized just for household maintenance like painting the wall or ceiling, changing light bulbs and other electrical works. They are also useful in gardening jobs like cutting or pruning trees and trimming hedges.

Industrial lifts – As the name suggests, these are heavy-duty scissor lifts. They can carry as much as thousands of tons. These are very, very necessary in their material handling processes so that goods can be transferred and transported to other locations.

Stage lifts – Theaters also found a use for these lifts. They are used for controlling the stage-floor heights. Stage lifts are very useful in giving the performance the very much needed effect in appearing or disappearing on or offstage. They can also be used on the audience seating areas. With these equipment, you can raise the stage or audience seats higher or lower depending on the need.

Car or truck lifts. In modern architecture, these types of lifts are utilized in lifting cars or trucks from one floor to another. Hotels, showrooms, and malls use these lifts to bring a showcased automobile inside their building even if they have no driveway from one floor to another.

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