All About Sod Cutter Rentals

A sod cutter rental is a very effective tool. Whether you are removing sod or turf to start a garden, repair drainage, or move the location of your turf, a sod cutter rental will likely save you money and time, and improve the precision of your work. Sod, or turf, is made up grass the dirt that is bound to the grass by the roots.  Sod cutters are useful tools for projects like installing paths or swimming pools, changing the layout of a yard, accessing drainage pipes, or edging lawns. Sod cutters come in a variety of styles.  Some manual sod cutters are simply a shovel with a pointed edge.  The pointed edge is placed into the ground and plunged downward to cut the sod.  The process is repeated until the desired chunk of sod has been cut.  Other manual sod cutters have a long, curved, serrated blade that can be rocked back and forth in a straight line.  The tool loosens the sod, making it easier to pull up. While a manual sod cutter rental might be fine for small jobs, such as creating a small garden patch, or trimming the grass along the edge of a path, a gas-powered sod cutter rental  or a kick sod cutter is really the only way to go for a large job. The gas powered sod cutter has four wheels and several blades, and looks a lot like a lawn mower or tiller.  The blades cut the sod in a straight line as the operator pushes it. It offers far more precision than the manual sod cutters, and will accomplish the task in a much shorter period of time.  There are also several accessories for gas-powered sod cutters that can make the job even easier. You can get different blade attachments that can be used for dethatching or edging, and even get blades that will cut a larger section of sod.  Perhaps the most useful accessory is the sod roller.  Usually, after you cut your sod, you have to manually roll it up so that it can be transported, especially if you have cut a large section of sod.  The sod roller will roll and bundle the sod for you, cutting back on your physical labor.

Choosing a sod cutter rental over a sod cutter purchase comes down to your particular needs for the machine, particularly if you are looking into gas-powered sod cutters.  You can usually rent a sod cutter for between $70 and $85 a day.  If you have a specific project that will only take a few days to complete, then renting is most certainly the way to go.  If, however, you have a project that may take several weeks to complete, or you plan to use the sod cutter on a regular basis, then you may want to purchase one.  They can range from $35 for a basic manual model up to $1200 for a gas-powered model.

There are a few other things to consider, whether you decide to rent or purchase your sod cutter.  First, consider the operating controls.  Particularly if you plan to buy, you want to make sure that the controls are easy to use, and that you have easy access to the levers that control the height of the cut, the throttle and the drive clutch.  You should be able to adjust these easily.  Next, consider transportation.  Gas-powered sod cutters are large and cumbersome, and can be difficult to transport from place to place.  If your project requires sod cutting in several different locations, then you may want to consider renting or purchasing a lightweight sod cutter, or a small utility trailer that will make transporting it easier.  Finally, determine which, if any, accessories you will need to complete your project. To find sod cutter rentals, check with home and garden or do-it-yourself stores for rental options.  Be sure to get clear safety and operating instructions before you take your sod cutter home.  Safety precautions will include gloves, protective goggles, and protective ear wear.Learn more about How to Lay Sod

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