What You Should Know in Buying a Wood Chipper

Whether you are doing your spring or fall tree pruning, a wood chipper is always the best equipment to be your assistant.  It can make your disposal of tree limbs easy and fast.

But what exactly is a wood chipper?

wood chipper for saleWood chipper is a machine used to reduce tree limbs or trunks into chips, hence the name chipper.  This equipment comes in handy when you prune your garden trees and disposing of the tree limbs is quite a problem.  Disposal is made easy and fast by reducing the limbs into smaller parts which you can sack and haul into your compost pit or carried into a dump site.

What type of wood chipper should I buy?

There are various types of wood chippers for sale on the market and the type of chipper you buy depends totally upon your need. For smaller one time projects, wood chipper rentals are also a good idea. For residential use, many prefer to buy the newly designed high-torque roller chipper.  This has an electric motor and runs quietly, dust-free and is self-feeding.  And what’s great is that most of this type of wood chipper has an anti-jamming feature. Compared to other chippers that have come out previously, like the drum type, the high-torque roller is safer and a lot quieter. There is also the disk chipper.  This is commonly used by commercial tree care companies. For heavy-duty chipping jobs, large chippers are employed.  They reduce a whole tree, which is why they are sometimes called “whole tree chippers.”

How do I operate the chipper?

wood chippers for saleThe first step in operating machines or even simple gadgets is to read the manual.  Set up the equipment according to specifications.  Start the machine and slowly feed the branch into the feeder.  Take care not to push it in and make sure also that the brush end goes in first. You should let the machine work in its own pace.  Pushing the tree limb can foul up the blades or much worse, you can get snagged and be injured seriously, if not, fatally.

What are some safety precautions I need to observe?

cheap wood chippers for saleChippers are extremely dangerous if handled carelessly.  According to statistics, more than 40 people were killed in wood-chipper-related accidents from 1992 to present already.

It is best not to wear loose-fitting clothes when operating chippers to avoid being snagged into materials being fed.  Most accidents are caused by accidental snagging. Long-sleeved clothing is preferable so as not to be scratched by the branches you are feeding.  Always wear safety goggles to protect eyes from chips that fly off once in a while.  Always read user manual before operating. Better yet, ask the salesman or veteran operators for more safety tips.  Better be safe than sorry.

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