Why Rent a Dethatcher?

No matter how you take care of your lawn, it will eventually develop a thatch. You can rent a dethatcher or rent a power rake to help you get rid of the thatch. This is a layer of organic matter, living or dead, slowly accumulating below the grass and just above the soil. Too much of this will impede the ability of the soil to absorb water, oxygen, and important nutrients that are much needed by your lawn. Thatched lawn is not resistant to pests, severe weather, and disease and diligent watering, fertilizing and aerating will be of no avail. If your lawn is in this condition, you need to rent a dethatcher. Dethatchers, sometimes called power rakes, are equipment used to remove the thatch from off your lawn. Dethatcher rentals readily available to be rented in garden or any rental shops. It is more practical to rent one than to buy though. It will just cost you about $33/ 5 hours or $63/day to rent and as you will not be dethatching too often in a year buying a new unit will just be a dead investment.Dethatching your lawn your lawn with a power rake rental brings tremendous benefits to it. In fact, it is a crucial part of lawn management. Although after the entire process, your lawn will not look too good, but eventually it will grow again into greener and healthier lawn. Here are some additional advantages dethatching bring to your lawn:1. Since the accumulated matter that cramped up the roots are cleared away, the root system will have room once more to expand and grow. This is vital to the health of your lawn’s root system. If the roots are healthy, you can be sure that your lawn will be healthy likewise.

2. The roots will have an easy access to water, oxygen, and nutrients making them grow healthy and resistant to disease, pests and extreme weather. Without these three important elements of good nutrition, plants will wither easily.

3. Dead and decaying grass parts and other matter are removed, not only making room for new and healthy grass to grow, but also depriving fungi and other pests that thrive on dead matter their vital source of food. With these benefits, you can never go wrong in dethatching your lawn. Having a green and healthy lawn is no longer a dream. It can be a reality if you will just have patience and diligence together with proper lawn care. Rent a power dethatcher now and begin to make your dream lawn a reality.

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