Find Wood Chippers For Sale, Leaf Shredders and Mulchers 

wood chippers for saleOur wood chippers for sale have the best online customer ratings.  We hope that our product reviews will be able to  help you choose the best one for your needs.  Buying a wood chipper for sale can save time and a lot of work with cleaning up your yard.  Since chippers also mulch, so you may never have to pay for mulch or compost again (or pay to have it delivered).  If you have a lot of landscape that needs to be taken care of, one of the best and easiest way to do this is with a wood chipper / mulcher /shredder.

Gas and Electric Wood Chippers For Sale, Shredders, Mulchers

Eco Shredder/ Mulcher/Chipper-  This shredder receives 4.0 out of 5 stars.  It has one of the best customer satisfaction rating online.  If you only have a limited budget and want to buy a powerful work horse, then this electric wood chipper for sale is just want you are looking for.  Here is what customers are saying, “We love it, It does just what we bought it to do and just keeps on going.” and “We are glad we bought it. Definitely worth the money”.  This machine is great for branches less than 1″ in diameter and needs to be fed slowly for optimal performance. It is quiet, and has a lot of power for being electric. Priced to sell Quickly!

Worx Electric Shredder/Leaf Mulcher-  This is a safe and easy to use leaf shredder/mulcher.  It reduces piles of dry leaves by a factor of 10.  This means fewer bags for you to haul away.  Also having this mulcher can make it easier for you to recycle and turn your own leaves into gardening compost.  This machine is also bladeless, rather than a blade it uses a heavy-duty grass trimmer lines that can quickly reduce large quantities of leaves very quickly.   If you have large amounts of leaves every Fall to deal with, the Worx Electric Shredder is perfect!

Ultimate Electric Shredder and Mulcher-  One the most popular leaf shredders available online.  This also received 4 out of 5 stars.  It produces a very fine mulch. It also uses a very heavy-duty trimming line, it is quick and easy to be replaced. Customers have said, “If you want to mulch leaves quickly and easily this is the mulcher for you! ” (C. McCloud N.C) Read more reviews.

Patriot Wood Chipper and MulcherThis machine produces some of the finest mulch.  It is super powerful for an electric chipper.  This is what Frank from Colorado had to say about it.  “This is one of the best-designed, best-built and solid pieces of equipment I own. . . . I was not sure I wanted to pay the $900 for it. Now that I see the quality of this machine, I am certain that buying a cheaper one would have been a big mistake”   (Buy online and pay no sales tax!)

Gas Wood Chippers and Mulchers (Priced Low to High)

5.5 HP Gas Wood chipper and mulcher – This wood chipper is more powerful than an electic chipper.  It is also portable.  It works great for clearing the brush from 20-25 trees.  This is a medium duty model and great for yards that are less than an acre. Affordable Gas Chippers.


10 HP Partiot Woodchipper- Received nearly perfect customer reviews from everyone that bought these wood chippers for sale.  This machine also has a beefy 10 HP engine.  It has no trouble chipping up both large and small branches.  Can be used to clear up several acres of landscaping.  It is a very powerful machine and has recieved the best customer ratings of any other wood chipper sold online. It can easily handle branches that are 3 inches in diameter. As far as gas chippers go, this one is a great deal.

YardBeast- 10 HP wood chipper.  This machine is a Beast!  If you are going to be cutting lots of branches, we recommend a minimum of 8 HP.  10 is much better.  The higher the horse power, the thicker the diameter of branches you can cut and the less often your machine will get clogged.   This machine is a fast and effective wood chipper. Cuts branches up to a 3″ diameter.  It has a large loader for heavy-duty capacity. Tip: Don’t forget to buy a chipper buddy stick so you never have to put your hands inside of the machine! *** Most industrial units run from $6,000 to $20,000.  We hope to have larger units in stock soon.  If you want an industrial model visit this link . There are a lot of different varieties of wood chippers for sale on this site, including electric chippers, gas chippers and industrial chippers  The electric wood chippers that are designed for home use. With an electric wood chipper you never have to worry about having gas on hand to do mulching, shredding or chipping. Electric wood chippers work fine with small tree trimmings, leaves, weeds and grass. They can quickly break down your lawn debris and turn it into useful mulch you can use to fertilize your plants and flower beds. In addition, mulch that contains small wood chips in it, can also be very effective at keeping down weeds. Electric wood chipper’s are not very expensive. Some of the best models of electric chippers are listed below:

How to Buy Wood Chippers For Sale

cheap wood chippers for saleWhen you are looking for the right wood chipper for sale, there are several five important facts to consider including price, capacity, durability, functions and warranty. Chippers are a very popular lawn and garden item. Not all wood chippers are the same. In fact there are drastic difference in price and quality and all these things should be taken into consideration to help you make the best choice possible. Price- Price is probably the first factor when considering which wood chipper to buy. Most people want something reliable that fit’s with in their budget. The first step in selecting is to set a price range you are comfortable with and then start looking at wood chipper for sale within that price range.

Capacity- Some chipper will have a larger engine and mare capacity. Like for instance a 4-6 inch wood chipper. Other more economical units will only have a 2 to 4 inch capacity. Recently I saw an electric wood chipper with a 1.5 inch capacity. I am guessing that the purpose of this unit was to mulch leaves. Make sure the capacity you choose matches the work you are intending to do with it.

Durability- Often you may decide to go with a slightly better brand because you trust that brand will last. For large or commercial jobs, I always recommend using the best brands. This is because even on the expensive units you make your money back real quick with all the time and frustration this can save you. If you are buying it for one project or light use one to two times a year I recommend you buy what ever brand you are the most comfortable with.

Purpose- Heavy duty use includes, limbs, branches and lots of stems and leaves. This allows you to do heavy pruning projects very quickly and easily. Light duty use for a wood chipper includes light trimming and pruning.

Warranty- This is the last thing I look at before I buy. I would expect a better brand to have a better warranty. I try to always keep my receipts and it is a good idea to also keep the owner’s manual and if you have a two-year guarantee write that on your receipt and on the owner’s manual. If you have anything break before then, see if you can exchange it for a new one or have the store fix it for free.

Tips to Save More Money- Before I buy new, I like to see if there is any thing available locally that is free. My advice is to check Craigslist and free online ads to see if you can find a used one with little or no use for half the price.

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